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Champagne Brut Cologne
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Champagne Brut Cologne by Demeter

Champagne Brut cologne has the scent of white wine, with a hint of fruit and lets not forget those tiny bubbles.

Champagne, France, is home to the bottle beverage enjoyed by many on New Year's Eve. Champagne was first made by a monk, Dom Perignon, in 1688, it was then he was appointed treasurer at the Abby of Hautcillers to develop the areas wine industry and part of his duties included managing the wine making and cellars.

Perignon made a beverage with bubbles that would explode when kept in storage. The bubbles in the champagne and sparkling wine develop during the fermentation process though this was not the outcome Perignon had wanted to achieve. He wanted to prevent the bubbles and make a wine more pleasing to the courts. However, after people tasted the fizzy beverage, they started to demand it and the drink became very popular throughout Europe. Because of the exploding bottles it was decided to bottle using thick glass and extra thick corks.

Perignon mastered the art of blending the grapes to create different tastes including Brut which refers to the extremely dry quality of the wine. Brut means that the wine lacks residual sugar, or sweetness and therefore extremely dry.

Demeterís Champagne fragrance captures the delicate scent of this bubbly white wine, with a subtle hint of fruit, and maybe a bit more sweetness that Dom Perignon would have approved of back in 1690.