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Bamboo Cologne
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Bamboo Cologne by Demeter

The smaller shoots of the bamboo plant give the Demeter Bamboo cologne it's scent. The Bamboos green, lightly fruity tone is perfect for those looking to try something new and fresh.

Bamboo regenerates itself eternally and the life span of a single bamboo plant is roughly 20 years while the Bamboo grove lives forever. The mature bamboo sends most of the organic nutrients prepared by its leaves down through paths in the vascular bundles, which run vertically down the culms, to its rhizomes, which form the vast, complicated underground network that creates its progeny. New bamboo shoots are produced every year from these rhizomes, ensuring the survival of the bamboo grove. It is from the new, smaller shoots of the bamboo plant that the delicate green scent of Demeterís Bamboo Pick-Me-Up cologne is derived.

This is a green, light and slightly fruity tone.