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Apple Pie Cologne
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Apple Pie Cologne by Demeter

The perfect combination of Granny Smith apples, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and flaky pastry in a fragrance. Bring the kitchen out with you or reminisce of those summer days of your youth, this might be the fragrance to try.

“As American as Apple Pie!” Is Apple Pie truly an American Creation? Well, yes and no. Apple pie in one form or another has existed since the ancient Egyptians made the first pastry-like crusts. The early Romans, who probably learned about pies from the Greeks. One of the first written pie recipes by a Roman publisher,Cato the Censor "a rye-crusted goat cheese and honey pie". The Romans then spread the word around Europe, England, and then followed to America, the New World.

The Pennsylvania Dutch were making pie plates in the early 18th century and cooks began to use every fruit that grew I the region. Fredrick Klee asserts, “that during the revolution men from other colonies came to know this dish in Pennsylvania and carried this knowledge back home to establish pie as the great American dessert.”

If the food loving Pennsylvania Dutch didn’t invent pie, they certainly perfected it. Here we have the Scent of Apple Pie and all the history available in such a tiny bottle.